Animal Healthcare Specialists

ANUPCO Ltd. specialise in the manufacture of high quality products to improve and maintain the health, performance and welfare of farm livestock and companion animals.

We were founded in the UK in 1976 with the aim of manufacturing and providing high quality animal healthcare products for both the commercial and private sectors all over the world.

Today ANUPCO products are used in over 50 countries worldwide. To ensure our continuing customer and distributor satisfaction we always quality check and assure all our products to stringent criteria. This not only ensures consistency and performance, but also maintains our leading expertise on the raw materials, production and packing we use.

GMP Quality Products

Our experience in the formulation and packing of products to satisfy diverse climatic conditions and production systems means that ANUPCO Ltd. is the preferred choice of livestock farmers and pet owners around the world.

ANUPCO Ltd. adheres to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) at every stage of production. Strict quality control checks are made at strategic intervals during the manufacturing process, from receipt of raw materials to final packing.

A dedicated team of Q.C. and Q.A. personnel ensures that all products meet stringent criteria. For advice and assistance on providing your exact requirements, or to discuss our export service do not hesitate to contact us.


Anupco’s parent company KELA, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of veterinary medicines.

The entire company with all of its installations, production lines and employees, fully complies with all of the statutory regulations, and the strictest GMP quality standards. Over the years, KELA has developed to the point where, today, it manufactures drugs in several pharmaceutical forms for distribution all over the world. These forms include powders, tablets, capsules, ointments, syrups and solutions, in addition to sterile powders, solutions and suspensions for injection and sterile ointments.

For the future, it is KELA’s goal to continuously expand its product range and to explore new markets.